Core Values



At Solidwear, ensuring quality means paying attention to every detail in the manufacturing process, with a thorough approach from start to finish. We do that by nurturing a strong and reliable team of accomplished seamstresses and specialized tradespeople; maintaining relationships with premium suppliers; and promoting made-in-Canada products. We have a long-term vision and aren’t afraid to invest accordingly to ensure long-term success.



Deliberate in our decision to remain in Canada, Solidwear has prospered and grown as a domestic manufacturer for over 30 years. We stay competitive by maintaining a constant eye to efficiency and ingenuity in our process. We continue to be family owned and operated, supporting generations of leaders and artisans alike. 




At Solidwear, commitment to do right by our employees, clients and country comes directly from the top. We accomplish this by innovating our process in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our workforce, client base and regulatory demands. Simply put, we have the fortitude, experience and resources to get the job done.


New Client Profiles

At Solidwear, we believe in investing in local talent and enabling brands on a rapid growth trajectory. We are very pleased to working with some of the most promising brands in Canada.

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Jenny & Andy

Jenny & Andy is your partner in children’s happiness, relieving mom from at least one worry by providing carefully crafted, lovingly designed, sustainably beautiful, product choices. The company is built with the belief that every child deserves to have access to engaging, soft, safe toys made from high quality, ethically sourced materials.


Cheryl Hickey Family

Whether you are feeding a baby or cuddling the toddler in your life, Arm Here For You is designed to enhance the bonding experience. Created six years ago, Cheryl Hickey was determined to create something every Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Gramma, Grampa or loving caregiver could use to offer secure comfort for both baby and themselves.


Established in 1985, Solidwear Enterprises is a second generation, family owned and operated Canadian apparel manufacturer. Headquartered in Toronto, Solidwear has retained its position in the market and increased its manufacturing base by focusing on its differentiated capability to sew technically advanced, specialized goods. At Solidwear, our close-knit team is more an extension of our family than just a workforce. Forming strong relationships is at the core of our process, enhancing our dedication to maintaining quality and unifying our goals with client values.

Our purpose is to identify companies that need our partnership in order to fuel their growth – Solidwear’s resources and expertise have been an essential ingredient to several key Canadian businesses in their path to scale. Our client list is a testament to our devotion to recognizing talent domestically and our ability to align and enable Canadians who want to make a difference.